The secrets to Singapore's track record of innovation excellence

Within its first 50 years as an independent city-state Singapore has placed itself as an innovation hub becoming - according to the World Bank - the easiest place in the world to do business.
At today, as declared by Mr. Damian Chan - International Director for the Americas at the Singapore
Economic Development Board, Singapore is led by the so called "Home Strategy", that means "Home for Business. Home for Innovation. Home for Talent" and a vast entrepreneurial ecosystem has been developed aspiring to become the Silicon Valley of South Asia. Singapore is adopting innovation strategies and it is also steadily committed in creating a science and education system which might attract new talents from all over the world. Furthermore Singapore benefits from its geographic location close to the huge Chinese Market.
Finally Singapore's success has been influenced by - and will probably depend on - the forthcoming years, the ability to reinvent itself, to be ready to respond to the global market and to continue to be an active part in the innovation path.
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Source: INSME


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