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Coopération Cameroun-Canada : pour une densification de la coopération

« Les opportunités d’investissement sont nombreuses….il fait bon de faire les affaires au Cameroun. Investir au Cameroun, c’est investir pour près de 300 millions de personnes». C’est par ces mots que le Ministre de l’Economie, de la Planification et de l’Aménagement du Territoire, M. Emmanuel NGANOU DJOUMESSI a ouvert son propos en recevant ce lundi 26 mai 2014  à Yaoundé, une mission commerciale canadienne accompagnée par le Haut Commissaire du Canada au Cameroun, M. Benoit Pierre LARAMEE.

The numbers that shows Africa is growing with entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneur Regina Agyare is the founder of Soronko Solutions,  a Ghanaian software development company. STORY HIGHLIGHTS
Experts say Africa has to rely on small businesses to provide employmentThe continent has the highest rates of early-stage entrepreneurship in the worldIt’s a leader for female entrepreneurship, says Global Entrepreneurship MonitorYet countries with many new startups also see high levels of discontinuance

The Japan Africa Business Forum 2014

The Japan-Africa Business Forum 2014 is in recognition of the important juncture Africa finds itself in its development and economic trajectory. Africa’s economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities. Growth in Africa outpaced that of the rest of the world last year. 17 of the top fastest-growing countries of the last decade are in Africa.

Multilingual Skills provide Export Benefits and Better Access to New Emerging Markets

By Ingela Bel Habib,17-11-2011
Abstract : The author analyses in a study the effects of linguistic skills on the export performance of German, French and Swedish SMEs. Contrary to popular belief, English does not suffice in economic relations as many tenders are lost through lack of skills in local languages. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) increasingly use the specific language of the country to which they export so as to gain ground in emerging markets.

African Stakeholders Strategise In Yaounde

By Victorine BIY NFOR, Cameroon Tribune, 27-05-2014
Over 30 senior officers from 10 ECCAS countries started meeting in Yaounde on May 26, 2014. The trend of events in Africa marked by the upsurge in insecurity and instability has prompted the International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) to tackle the threat with tact and professionalism.

Building More Mini-dairy Processing Plants Ordered

By Kimeng Hilton, Cameroon Tribune, 29-05-2014 Below is the press release following the cabinet meeting of May 28, 2014. “The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Mr. Philemon YANG, on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 as from 10:00 a.m. in the main building of his Office, chaired an important Cabinet Meeting. In attendance were the Vice-Prime Minister, Ministers of State, Ministers, Ministers-Delegate and Secretaries of State.

PM Instructs Speed up Of Road Projects

By Kimeng Hilton, Cameroon Tribune, 29-05-2014 Below is the press release following the 16th session of the National Road Board of May 27, 2014. The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Mr YANG Philemon, Chairman of the National Road Board (CONAROUTE), today Tuesday, 27 May 2014 as from 11:00 a.m., chaired the 16th session of the Board in the main building of his Office. In attendance, apart from his close aides, were the statutory members of the Board as well as specially invited personalities including the Government Delegates to the Bamenda and Ebolowa City Councils.

9 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook When Planning Your Next Event

By The Young Entrepreneur Council, 27-05-2014
Business events are a great way to build relationships with potential partners, meet investors and network. But making sure your event goes well requires a lot of forethought and planning. There’s nothing worse than a lousy event. From location to food, there’s much to consider when picking the perfect venue for your event.

"Africa designer award" 2014: La designer Tunisienne Memia Taktak remporte le "Prix Hommage"

Par Huffpost Maghreb avec TAP, 30-05-2014
La designer tunisienne Memia Taktak a reçu le "Prix Hommage", lors de la première édition de "Africa Designer Award" qui s'est tenu dans le cadre de "New York Forum Africa" (un sommet business pan-africain) le 25 mai à Libreville, au Gabon. Plusieurs designers en provenance de différents pays arabes et étrangers comme le Maroc, l'Afrique du Sud, le Mali en encore le Sénégal, ont participé à l'événement.

Développement: l’Afrique s’informe sur le Cameroun

Par Jean Baptiste KETCHATENG, Cameroon Tribune, 28-05-2014 Le gouvernement a exposé aux ambassadeurs africains l’état général du pays mardi à Yaoundé. La concertation traditionnelle entre le gouvernement et le Groupe africain du cercle diplomatique de Yaoundé a eu lieu mardi à Yaoundé. Durant la première partie de la journée, les ambassadeurs et hauts commissaires représentant des pays aux quatre coins du continent, ont discuté avec une dizaine de dirigeants d’administrations publiques. Le rendez-vous d’hier était toutefois différent des précédents en raison des circonstances.

John Greathouse: What This Dive Bar Can Teach Startups About (Not) Marketing

JOHN GREATHOUSE: Dirty Franks is a dive bar located in Philadelphia, which is also home of The Wharton School. Although only a short Uber ride away, it is seldom frequented by the business students. Too bad. They would be well served to study Dirty Franks marketing plan, which has withstood the test of time.

When Launching Your Startup, Consider These 5 Risks

By ,, 21-05-2014
Starting a business has never been more exciting. The startup economy is rich with opportunity, innovation and potential. But at the same time, it is also fraught with high-stakes risks. And while it may be scary to take that leap of faith, jumping into the deep end of the startup pool is significantly less intimidating once you understand and assess these risks.

Electricité : et maintenant ?

Par Rousseau-Joël FOUTE, Cameroon Tribune, 27-05-2014
La réhabilitation des lignes de transport et de distribution est le principal chantier attendu d’Actis pour une fourniture ininterrompue de l’énergie électrique.
Au moment où le Fonds d’investissement britannique Actis remplace l’Américain Aes Corporation comme partenaire stratégique de l’Etat camerounais dans  l’entreprise nationale d’électricité intégrée (Sonel, Kpdc, Dpdc), le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que les attentes des populations sont nombreuses.

ARMP Launches War Against Bad Practices

By LIENGU ETAKA ESONG, Cameroon Tribune, 27-05-2014 The public contracts sector in Cameroon is one of those sectors where corruption is ranked very high and officials are not taking it lying down. The Public contract Regulatory Agency –ARMP North West has embarked on a Campaign to bring corruption to its lowest minimum.

Assainissement des villes: les récupérateurs en pôle position

Par Sorèle GUEBEDIANG, Cameroon Tribune, 28-05-2014
Un colloque international se tient depuis mardi à Yaoundé sur leur rôle dans le recyclage artisanal des déchets.
Des babouches et sacs tissés à l’aide des films (sachets) plastiques, des pots de fleurs fabriqués grâce aux pneus usés et récupérés des véhicules ou encore des marmites issues de la fonte des déchets de ferraille.

La Semry fête ses performances

Par Gregoire DJARMAILA et al, Cameroon Tribune, 26-05-2014 La réhabilitation de l'entreprise et l'exécution des travaux sur les deux digues saluées par les employés. La direction générale et les employés de la société d’expansion et de modernisation de la riziculture de Yagoua (Semry) ont procédé, vendredi dernier, à la présentation du bilan des activités menées l’année dernière par leur entreprise.

Mo Ibrahim: "If you want to make money, go to Africa"

Interview: Daniel Ammann & Simon Brunner,, 06.08.2013 As a mobile communications pioneer, Mo Ibrahim became a billionaire. Now he sponsors a prize to reward African heads of state for exceptional leadership. The award carries a higher monetary award than the Nobel Prize
Mo Ibrahim, few people know Africa as well as you do. How great is its economic potential?

Africa Progress Report 2014

Africa is a rich continent. Some of those riches – especially oil, gas and minerals – have driven rapid economic growth over the past decade. The ultimate measure of progress, however, is the wellbeing of people – and Africa’s recent growth has not done nearly as much as it should to reduce poverty and hunger, or improve health and education. To sustain growth that improves the lives of all Africans, the continent needs an economic transformation that taps into Africa’s other riches: its fertile land, its extensive fisheries and forests, and the energy and ingenuity of its people. The Africa Progress Report 2014 describes what such a transformation would look like, and how Africa can get there.

How to make it in Africa? Unilever listens to the consumer

“There is a growing realisation that the future of Africa is based around a consumer rather than mining. This is a consumer that has been under-served and over-charged,” said Frank Braeken, Unilever executive vice-president for Africa at the High Growth Markets Summit at the end of September 2011. 
Unilever, a consumer goods company, has over a century of experience on the continent and produces annual sales of more than 5 billion euros in Africa. The group employs 40,000 people in the region and has offices and factories in 40 locations. It can thus be deduced that Unilever “has made it in Africa”!

Startup Africa Paris : 10 start-up africaines à l'assaut du capital-risque

Par BrunoAskenazi,, 26-05-2014 Le temps d’une soirée organisée à La Mutinerie, un espace de co-working parisien, dix start-up africaines ont défendu leur projet devant quelques représentants chevronnés de fonds d’investissement. Découverte. L'Afrique des start-up à l'assaut du capital-risque. Le 22 mai avait lieu à Paris le premier concours de pitch 100% Afrique francophone. Face à des fonds d'investissement français renommés et quelques business angels, 10 fondateurs de start-up dont les activités sont basées dans des Etats africains ou/et en France ont pu présenter leur entreprise

Cultivating The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur

By ,, 22-05-2014
An entrepreneur doesn’t need an MBA to be successful but there is a certain mindset an entrepreneur must cultivate to grow, understand and lead their business.Business leaders who attain this mindset are the ones who ultimately succeed. This mindset has four, intertwining aspects.

Prix Orange de l’Entrepreneur Social en Afrique 2014

Orange lance la 4e édition du Prix Orange de l’Entrepreneur Social en Afrique.
Fort du succès des 3 années passées, Orange lance l’édition 2014 du prix Orange de l’Entrepreneur Social en Afrique. Cette 4eme édition s’enrichit d’un prix spécial « Orange Partner » récompensant un projet intégrant une application Orange.

Encourager l’innovation et l’utilisation des TIC au service du développement

Want to Be Successful? Stick to a Schedule.

By ,, 22-05-2014 There will always be fellow entrepreneurs with more funding, better connections or years of experience. One thing, however, that puts us all on a level playing field: the number of hours in a day. Figuring out how to effectively spend the 24 hours in each day is one of the most challenging parts of being a business owner. When I first started out, I thought the main perk of working on my own as a publicist would be being able to do things, according to my own schedule. I didn’t have a daily routine. My schedule would just depend on my mood.

W Project : un tour du monde à la rencontre des entrepreneurs français

Par Valérie Talmon, journaliste,, 23-05-2014

Le W Project saison 2, c’est parti ! Pendant un an, deux équipes de baroudeurs partent à la découverte d’entrepreneurs français installés à l’étranger. Rencontre avec la première équipe. Créé par Brice de Matharel et Thomas Nanterme, le W Project est un tour du monde des entrepreneurs français de l'étranger. Entre mars 2013 et mars 2014, tout au long des 13 pays visités et 60 entrepreneurs interviewés, ils ont partagé leur expérience en vidéo via leur site internet

Pourquoi les prix du ciment ne baissent pas

Par Rousseau-Joël FOUTE, Cameroon Tribune, 21-05-2014 Le Cameroun ambitionne de devenir à l’horizon 2035 un pays à revenu intermédiaire tranche supérieure (pays émergent). Pour que cela soit possible, le pays doit densifier ses équipements dans divers domaines. C’est-à-dire, construire davantage d’infrastructures énergétiques (barrages hydroélectriques et de retenue) et de communications (ports, aéroports, routes, ponts, etc).

If You Can’t Raise $100,000, Ask for $1 Million

By REBEKAH CAMPBELL, 21-05-2014 In my first post this year, “The Start-Up Vortex of Doom,“ I wrote about how I scrounged for cash in 2013, trying to build a company and keep the team motivated. We often came perilously close to running out of money. At one point, I lent the company, Posse, money from my personal savings to make payroll. Other times, I raised $50,000 or $100,000 — enough to stay alive for a couple of months but not enough to plan for the future. Those were not easy times.

Vers une embellie de la production pétrolière

Par Joël FOUTE, Cameroon Tribune, 22-05-2014 Le Cameroun devrait enregistrer une hausse de 25% en 2014, après une augmentation de 8,62% en 2013. En 2012, le Cameroun a produit environ 22,38  millions de barils de pétrole, contre 21,61 millions de barils en 2011. En 2013, ce sont 24,31  millions de barils qui ont été extraits, soit une augmentation de 8,6%. En 2014, les prévisions confirment cette tendance haussière,  car un accroissement de la production de  25% est  attendu. Selon la Société nationale des hydrocarbures (SNH), ce relèvement est notamment lié à la mise en production du champ Dissoni, dont la production devrait augmenter de 100% cette année,

Des services en ligne à la Cnps

Par Josy MAUGER, Cameroon Tribune, 22-05-2014
Le Dg a présenté de nouveaux produits aux employeurs et travailleurs vendredi à Douala.
Le directeur général de la Caisse nationale de Prévoyance sociale (Cnps), Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, était à Douala vendredi dernier pour présenter des innovations de l’organisme, à travers le site Ces nouvelles applications ont pour objectif l’optimisation de la qualité de service offert aux clients. Selon le Dg, ces produits sont destinés à faciliter les relations entre la Cnps et les employés.

UK-Cameroon Cooperation: Consolidating Historic Ties

By Victorine BIY NFOR, Cameroon Tribune, 22-05-2014 The Minister for Africa in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office held talks with top government officials on May 21. 35 years have gone down history since Cameroon and the United Kingdom (UK) set up a joint commission. The seed that was planted started bearing fruits last September 2013 when both countries held their first-ever joint commission meeting, a novelty as it had never happened with any other country. The major fallout of the meeting was the signing of an accord which led to the holding of the trade and investment conference in London on May 7, 2014 with a Cameroonian delegation in attendance led by Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

Retirement-Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

By The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), FOXBusiness, 21-05-2014 Younger entrepreneurs share their current approach when it comes to planning for retirement:
No. 1: Start With Stocks
From Derek Capo of Next Step China
When I take the time to read a stock annual report, I do it for two reasons: to learn something new about a company not in my industry that may inspire new ideas for my business, and to diversify my assets in case my business doesn't succeed. Start out small and take the time to learn new things. Being 100 percent focused on your business can actually hurt you when you can't be opportunistic.

How to Build a Strong Team Without the Pricey Off-Sites

By The value of teamwork is priceless, so team-building shouldn't have to cost a lot. Start with these basics to build a good foundation. As business owners, we count on our teams to get things done that will move our businesses forward. When each team works internally together productively and every department works in harmony with the others, our companies make giant leaps forward.

60 milliards de F disponibles pour les exploitations familiales agropastorales

Par Grégoire DJARMAILA, Cameroon Tribune, 22-05-2014
Le Minepia a lancé vendredi dernier les activités du Programme ACEFA dans l’Extrême-Nord.
La cérémonie de lancement officiel du Programme d’amélioration de la compétitivité des exploitations familiales agropastorales (ACEFA)  s’est déroulée vendredi dernier à Maroua, sous la présidence du ministre de l’Elevage, des Pêches et des Industries animales, Dr Taïga. Les acteurs du monde agropastoral et le personnel de ce programme ont été conviés quelques minutes avant à une présentation détaillée de ce nouvel outil de lutte contre l’insuffisance alimentaire.

Convergence totale entre le Tchad et le Cameroun:

Par ESSAMA ESSOMBA, Cameroon Tribune, 22-05-2014
Deux heures d’entretien entre le président Paul Biya et son hôte Idriss Deby Itno, un déjeuner offert par le couple présidentiel et un communiqué final : trois temps forts du programme de jeudi après-midi au palais de l’Unité.
Convergence totale entre le président Paul Biya et son hôte Idriss Deby Itno. C’est le communiqué conjoint rendu public jeudi soir qui le relève. Les trois temps forts hier après-midi au palais de l’Unité du programme de la visite  d’amitié et de travail du chef de l »Etat tchadien au Cameroun sont significatifs à cet égard.

Young entrepreneurs advised to look beyond capital support

By Afdb, 21-05-2014

Africa has produced some famous entrepreneurs over the years. The most notable among them is Ashish Thakkar, who has become a role model to youth throughout the continent.
At the young age of 32, Thakkar is recognized by Forbes Magazine as Africa’s youngest billionaire, boasting a net worth of US $260 million, with a wide range of investments all over the continent.
Thakkar appeared as a guest speaker on Tuesday, May 20, during the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Kigali, Rwanda.

Africa’s top three young entrepreneurs share their secrets to success

Almost one-fifth of Africa’s 1bn strong population is estimated to be between the ages of 15 and 24. This age group is entering the working space where unemployment is high, and many are turning to entrepreneurship as a solution. Every year the Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for its youngest entrepreneurs, selects 12 of the continent’s top entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22 to gain access to Anzisha’s community of mentors, business contacts, investors and other young business owners. To find out what it takes to be young and successful, How we made it in Africa spoke to the top three award winners from last year’s Anzisha Prize. Best Ayiorwoth (22), founder of GIPOMO, Uganda

Cover Letter for Loan Application - Sample Template

Provided by IFC's Gender Entrepreneurship Markets Program. 
Fill out the following letter.  This will be your business plan summary. BUSINESS Name_____________________
Date_________________________ Lender's name, bank name, and address _________________________________ _________________________________ Re: Loan Request for $______________ (fill in amount)

If Given the Choice, Most Small-Business Owners Say They'd Start Up Again

By ,, 21-05-2014
With the opportunity to be your own boss, flexible hours and unlimited income potential, many would agree that "entrepreneur" is the aspirational career title of the moment. But as any small-business owner can tell you, it often comes with a set of corresponding challenges: lots of responsibility for unpredictable pay, high risk and long hours along with the inevitable day-to-day headaches of running a company.

Determining Your Entrepreneur Style and Getting Past Your Business Blind Spots

By  ,, 19-05-2014
Entrepreneurs are leaders who can see into the future with inspired vision, championing highly competent teams to make the seemingly impossible possible. That is the intent at least. There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, work harder instead of smarter and generally fear that you’re doing it wrong. The truth is, whether you would like to admit it or not, entrepreneurs and executives have blind spots -- everyone has them.

Un Programme Agropoles pour la promotion des M&G entreprises dans le secteur rural