Senators Drilled on Programme-budgeting

By Emmanuel KENDEMEH, Cameroon Tribune, 09-04-2014 

A one-day training seminar took place at the Senate on April 8, 2014.

Senators are henceforth better prepared  to vote the finance law and effectively control public management in the country considering the knowledge they acquired yesterday, April 8, 2014  during  the first-ever  one-day training seminar on programme-budgeting.

The training came within the background of the second year of the implementation of the new Fiscal Regime of the State that hinges on programme-budgeting with focus on results- oriented management of the State budget. The Senators being on the first full legislative year following their election on April 14, 2013 had to be drilled on the Fiscal Regime of the State for them to better play their roles of voting laws and oversight of government actions. Things will no longer be the same for the Senators taking into account the four pertinent themes on which they were drilled. The areas of focus were the major innovations of the law relating to the Financial Regime of the State, technical framework of the strategic planning, management relating to commitment authorization and payment credit and methods of examining and voting of the Finance law under the programme-budget.
The Vice President of the Senate, Paul Tchatchouang, presided at the seminar on behalf of the President, Marcel Niat Njifenji. He said the seminar came to translate the excellent relations between the executive and legislative arms of government.
The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance, Pierre Titti justified the holding of the training by the fact that Cameroon has a new Fiscal Regime of the State whose implementation started in the 2013 financial year. Both Members of the National Assembly and Senators have to fully understand the Fiscal Regime, its stakes and innovations in order to fully contribute to its success. The training seminar, he said, should enable Senators to fully contribute in putting in place the reforms brought in by the fiscal regime and an opportunity for Senators to improve the modernization of public management in the country.


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