SABI: Education Without Borders Scholarship

Today’s international community experiences a variety of social and economic problems, which divide our global community. Despite efforts to create global unity and cohesion, today borders are as pervasive as ever ignoring the universal humanitarian values and principles necessary for peaceful global citizenship. For this purpose, the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute has created a worldwide scholarship.
The Scandinavian Art and Business Institute created the “Education Without Borders Scholarship” to encourage and unite professionals regardless of race, gender or country of origin by providing an Executive Master of Public Administration Degree EMPA. 

We believe that executive education positively impacts today’s society. By helping public sector activists to update and reconstruct their knowledge we will enable them to become an asset to modern society and subsequently the international community. A technology enhanced higher education that is adapted to modern life and knows no borders is the best way for executives around the globe to study together, share their experiences, develop their network and assist each other in creating a more just and united world.

This EMPA is an executive program which is concentrated on public administration and strives to educate and train participants in important and practical topics such as: project management, international relations, behavioral economics, cross cultural management and many others which make an NGO, INGO or public sector officer more effective professionally.
For this purpose, the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute is honored to introduce the Education Without Borders Scholarship. All eligible candidates must apply by the end of June 2014 by submitting their application and supporting documents to our Admissions Office:


  1. Three years of working experience in the public sector
  2. Proficiency in English equivalent to IELTS Academic 6.5 points
  3. Financially able to pay for application, registration and graduation fee
  4. Recognized “Bachelor’s degree”
  5. Must not work for a Governmental Organization
All eligible candidates must submit the online application form available on SABI official website with the following required documents:
  1. Proof of payment for 100 € application fee (non-refundable)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. ID picture
  4. CV in English with ID picture
  5. Copy of “Bachelor Degree” with an official and certificated translation in English
  6. Copy of English language certificate


All candidates must write a 250 words essay in English developing the following question:
“Why do you find yourself eligible to this scholarship and how the EMPA can help you to achieve your goals”
Upon acceptance candidates must pay the following fees after receiving SABI’s Offer Letter:
  1. 900€ Registration Fee
  2. 400€ Graduation Fee
Candidates must be able to pay mentioned fees personally it cannot be paid by any governmental organization.
The program will be totally online and interactive through one of the most advanced eCampuses in the world. Program will start on October 7th, 2014 and all students must participate final grade comprehensive exam at the end of program in Paris, France. Graduation Ceremony will take place in Paris, France.
Plus de détails: 
Contact in Cameroon: 
E2C International Network
Tel: +237 33 76 84 51


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