Italian Ambassador Appreciates Cameroon’s Progress

By Emmanuel KENDEMEH, Cameroon Tribune, 03-06-2014
Stefano Pontesilli had a farewell audience with the External Relations Minister on June 3.
The outgoing Ambassador of Italy to Cameroon, Stefano Pontesilli during a farewell audience with the External Relations Minister, Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo yesterday, June 3, 2014 reviewed cooperation ties between Cameroon and Italy which he described as excellent.

Talking to reporters after the audience, he acknowledged having a positive balance sheet after his four-year diplomatic stay in Cameroon.  He said that when he came to Cameroon he saw a country that was well on its way to development despite many problems. “When I look back now I see  a lot of progress Cameroon has achieved.” he said.
Concerning relations, the Italian diplomat said he tried to maintain political cooperation. During his four-year stay in Cameroon, they worked a lot to develop cooperation between the various entities such as universities, hospitals, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that constitute the backbone of the Italian economy which he believes should play an important role in Cameroon by creating jobs. “We established a network of cooperation in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises sector.” the Ambassador disclosed. “I leave Cameroon very optimistic about the future development of the country,” he concluded.


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