German Ambassador Visits Bamenda

By CHOVES LOH, Cameroon Tribune, 10-06-2014
H.E. Dr Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein admired the city’s enormous touristic potentials on June 4.
“On the field to discover Cameroon and especially Bamenda, I retire from the city impressed with her enormous touristic potentials and development initiatives”. That is how German Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Dr Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein summed up his visit to the Bamenda City Council on June 4, 2014.
A friendly chat, exchange of gifts and the signing of the city’s Visitor’s Book dropped curtains on the visit. H.E Dr Klaus-Ludwig later told Cameroon Tribune about Germany’s commitment to stand by Cameroon’s decentralisation process which empowers local councils to take development forward. He saluted the very active and positive efforts of the City Council to ensure stress-free lives for inhabitants.
In effect, the Ambassador discovered a friendly Bamenda, full of anxiety, expectant and anxious to move on with cooperation through public-private partnerships. That is perhaps, why the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji, expressed the need for links with Germany through projects and sustainable partnerships. It emerged from the event that Cameroon’s Diaspora in Germany could be crucial in creating links between their host German cities and Bamenda.
Ambassador Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein also discovered a Bamenda poised to become a better city with a better life that showcases a wide approach platform for international cooperation with Bamenda working towards a city with no dust and no mud;>>>


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