German MPs Meet Prime Minister

german-mps-meet-prime-ministerBy Victorine BIY-NFOR, Cameroon Tribune, 17-06-2014 
The delegation discussed cooperation between the two countries.
A delegation of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) has informed Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang that their country is seeking ways of improving cooperation with Cameroon that dates over 100 years.
The delegation held talks with Philemon Yang yesterday June 16, 2014 within the framework of a five-day working visit to Cameroon.
The head of the delegation, the Vice President of the German Parliament, Johannes Singhammer, told the press after the discussions that his country was ready to extend friendship ties to the fields of tourism, environment, health and economy.
He said they were in Cameroon to take cooperation to another level, look at ways of inviting more German investors to the country and also to launch a new chapter in ties. He explained that over 6,000 young Cameroonians are studying in Germany and “every single one of them is serving as a bridge between the two countries.” He announced their willingness to support Cameroon cope with the influx of refugees from the crisis in the neighbouring Central Africa Republic.
Cameroon, from the view point of the visiting delegation, is a centre of peace and stability in the Central African Sub-region where neighbouring countries from West to East are facing major challenges. It is thus indispensable to look at ways of supporting, they said.
The delegation is scheduled to hold talks with other top government officials and the clergy. They will continue their working visit to the Littoral and South West Regions where they are expected to visit colonial German sites in the South West Region. The five-day trip ends on June 19, 2014.


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