Russia Willing To Increase Cooperation

By Christopher JATOR, Cameroon Tribune, 30-05-2014
The Ambassador to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea made the disclosure in Douala on May 27, 2014.
Nikolaï L.  Ratsiborinskiy, Ambassador of Russia to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, has reiterated his country’s determination to support Cameroon’s security efforts. The diplomat, who was speaking in Bonanjo, Douala, was on a courtesy visit to the Organisation of Human Rights and Citizens’ Protection (OHRCP), a local NGO on May 27.

The visit, he said, follows his country’s concerns to help Cameroon ensure security of its territory and people, promote human rights values, considering the insecurity situation following incursions from the Nigerian rebel group, Boko Haram, and the crisis in Central African Republic (CAR) with refugees coming into Cameroon.
“We are disposed to tighten our cooperation with Cameroon in order to defend her interest and security,” he said. Furthermore, the visit made him acquainted with the staff and activities of the organisation.
One of the reasons for his pledge for support is that Cameroon has to welcome CAR refugees in Cameroon, support them and feed them and it puts pressure on the State budget and many more as it touches all sectors of society. “We have intensified our political discourse and we want to be in cooperation with Cameroon in all domains, especially security,” he noted.
Concerning Russia and its international relations the Ambassador said, “We are living in a very violent world that has changed its architecture and this touches humanity. Values inscribed in the UN Charter must be respected. We ought to live in mutual respect and nobody has to force its rule to the whole world.”
The Chief Executive officer of OHRCP, Prince Nasser Kemajou Raoul, corroborated that there is increasing need to avert threats to security at Cameroon’s borders.


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