UNDP To Partner Youth Ministry On Volunteerism

By Brenda Y. NCHEWNANG, Cameroon Tribune, 30-05-2014
A delegation from UNDP was received by the Minister of Youths Affairs on May 28, 2014, in Yaounde.
Volunteerism was in the spotlight, last Wednesday, May 28 at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education when the Minister Bidoung Mkpkatt, received the Portfolio Manager West/Central Africa on Development Programme Section on United Nations Volunteers, Paul Armand Menye.

While heading a delegation from the United Nations Development Programme, Paul Armand Menye came to discuss with Minister Bidoung Mkpatt how they can develop the sector of volunteerism in Cameroon. The minister was particularly interested in the topic given that Cameroon was lagging behind in a sector which can help develop the country as well as mobilise its youths.
Minister Bidoung Mkpatt said volunteerism ties with civic and ethical values which the ministry is trying to inculcate into the youths of Cameroon so that they become exemplary citizens, join the government in the development of the country in a bid to solve problems of common interest which must not be resolved only through money. 
Although volunteering has to do with sacrificing time and personal talent for no financial or material gain, but for the development of a country, Paul Armand Menye said   money is not a good way to see volunteerism because it is about giving and receiving something which is not money.
Through volunteerism, the UNDP expert said one can receive experience, network and all the worth that comes with exchanging with other people which are things that are interesting and which money cannot give. Through volunteerism, an individual can transform his experience into practical and concrete things throughout his/her life especially when it is time to look for a job.>>>


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