Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Global Entrepreneurship Award

The Centannial Fund (INSME Member) recently launched the Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Global Entrepreneurship Award with the aim of encouraging worldwide projects and creative ideas and recognizing mentors who play a substantial role in supporting entrepreneurship.

The Prize consists of six main categories:
  1. Best Existing Project Prize
  2. Best Business Plan Prize
  3. Best Project Idea Prize
  4. Best Female Mentor Prize
  5. Best Male Mentor Prize
  6. Best Entrepreneur Prize
and the award sum is equivalent to $270,000 USD. All logistic costs (including transportation, ticket, and hotel accommodations) for the winners to collect their respective prizes will be fully covered by the Prize.
The deadline for application is the 30th of March 2014.
Further information are available here.
Source: Insme.


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