Cameroonians Consolidate Unity at Bongo Square

By LUKONG Pius NYUYLIME, Cameroon Tribune, 20-02-2014

ct210214.jpgPresident Biya yesterday hailed fellow countrymen for all that has been achieved during the 50 years of reunification.

It was a four-point agenda yesterday at Bongo Square in Buea that marked the celebration epitomising the series of festivities organised to remember the coming together of the two Cameroons 50 years ago after 40 years of German rule. A welcome speech by the mayor of Buea, an address by the Head of State, President Paul Biya, military and civilian march past and handing of gifts to the Presidential couple in appreciation of what they have done so far to consolidate unity in the country.

The ceremony that brought together Cameroonians of all walks of life from the four corners of the nation was a true translation of the joy in the hearts of many as expressed in the messages and ecstasy during march past. Secondly, the massive presence as described by the Head of State in his address was testimony not only of unity in diversity but also of the importance Cameroonians attach to the unity of the country. As one would have imagined, the President’s speech hinged very much on the contributions made towards achieving reunification. “I would like to express our great appreciation to the United Nations and to friendly countries who have worked with us for the independence and reunification of Cameroon”, he said. Special thanks equally went to external partners whose support to Cameroon’s development efforts over the past five years remained constant.
The satisfaction that threaded through the population at Bongo Square could easily be understood from the stand point of the position Buea occupies in the history of Cameroon. As the Head of State acknowledged in his speech, “history has not forgotten that Buea was the headquarters of West Cameroon...that Buea was the capital of Southern Cameroons and that Buea was once the capital of German Cameroon.” The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge equally saw things from the same angle in his welcome speech stating inter alia that the choice of Buea has in effect transformed the town through the innovation of historic buildings and roads. This however could not stop him from demanding for a new status of the town which remains the only Regional capital in the country without an urban council. Buea remains the only Regional capital which is not the capital of a Division, he said.>>>


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