Cameroonian Diaspora and Emergence

By Laure NGANLAY, Cameroon Tribune, 02-05-2014
Their roles, the question of dual nationality, amongst other issues marked discussions in Douala.
As days go by, efforts are continually being laid at different levels in driving Cameroon’s economy towards emergence by 2035. However, the attainment of this goal requires unalloyed involvement at both individual and collective levels. Despite the political will that spurred this developmental move, achieving desired results have so far proven to be realistic through the putting place of accompanying measures on the field.
This refers to clearly defined roles and responsibilities of the various actors and stakeholders, the availability of both material and human resources, the role of the Diaspora, amongst others. It is in this light the Douala-based association known by its French acronym as “Club des Amis d’Allemagne (CAA)” met for a one-day discussion at their Bonapriso office last Friday April 25. The day’s subject matter focused on the question of dual nationality and the attractiveness of investment from the Cameroonian Diaspora in based in Germany.
Made up of nationals who had formerly studied, lived or worked in Germany, the initiative aimed at acquainting themselves with the requirements on how to impact their respective communities, explained CAA President, Andre Kwam. The first speaker, Rodrique Lepatouo, a jurist by profession presented the state of affairs regarding dual nationality. According to law provision, the act is prohibited, though measures are underway for eventual modifications. The second speaker, Maryse Meyo Akoulouze from the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) presently the members drilled the members on how to benefit from the recently launched private investment incentives launched by government. This set the base for the participants to brainstorm on how to canalise their efforts on the field, as well encourage their peers towards investing back at home.


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