ARMP Launches War Against Bad Practices

By LIENGU ETAKA ESONG, Cameroon Tribune, 27-05-2014
The public contracts sector in Cameroon is one of those sectors where corruption is ranked very high and officials are not taking it lying down.
The Public contract Regulatory Agency –ARMP North West has embarked on a Campaign to bring corruption to its lowest minimum.
A meeting to launch the Rapid Result Initiative-RRI took place last recently at the conference of that Agency in the region. In attendance were tender board members of government structures like MIDENO, CDENO, University of Bamenda, Upper Nun Valley Development Authority-UNVDA and the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Public Contracts MINMAP.
During the meeting the tender board members were made to understand that the days of laxity are over as such they must work within the confines of the law and ensure that they are fair and stay away from corrupt practices. In one of the presentation Madam Bayebec Eliane called on tender board members to show professionalism in the execution of their task adding that the law awaits any person who defaults.
As for the team leader Mbeutcha Thomas the Rapid Result Initiative is aimed at reducing corruption within the public contract sector by 75% in the next one hundred days. He said owing that the award of contract and it procedures is not taught in school members must do their best to learn on the job so as to stay away from corrupt practices.
He said corruption is a canker warm that has eaten deep into the public contract sector as such authorities of ARMP are bent on putting an end to it. On his part the new Chief of Centre for ARMP North West Georgwill Fombe   explained that after the next one hundred days they will evaluate the RRI and send to National Anti Corruption Commission CONAC.
He said presently they are working only on the award process after which they will move to the project excision and other process within the public contract chain.


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