Businesswoman finds success in St. George

Lily Maid Cleaning Maid Supervisor Julie Stewart vacuums the floor in a home in Santa Clara on May 1.By Samantha Sadlier,, 10-05-2014
ST. GEORGE — Building a business can be a challenge for anyone, but for someone with no business experience, it’s a slightly different challenge, said Katie Cirillo, owner of Lily Maid Cleaning Service, based in St. George.
However, when Cirillo discovered the need for quality, professional housekeepers in Southern Utah, she knew this would be her opportunity to build a successful business.

Originally from the East Coast, Cirillo met her husband and moved to Utah several years ago to be with him and begin their life together.
However, working as a high school counselor, for which she’d studied and earned her degree, she discovered it wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life.
“I just didn’t fit as a counselor,” she said. “I wanted to try something different.”
When Cirillo and her husband bought their first home in St. George — a fixer upper — she tried to contact many housekeeping businesses to help in cleaning but didn’t have much luck in people calling her back or providing a quality service.
“I saw there was definitely a need for housekeeping services here,” she said.
With the help of SCORE business mentoring and the Business Resource Center at Dixie State University, Cirillo was able to come up with a strong business plan to get going, she said.
Now with four maids and a growing clientele, Cirillo is able to maintain her role as strictly the business owner and manager of the company, she said.
“It is so important for me to be focused on the business side of things,” she said. “I always have my phone with me. I am always available to schedule new appointments.”
Lily Maid Cleaning began offering services in January, but the company is already profitable as of this month, Cirillo said.
This includes Cirillo’s investment to become licensed, bonded and insured as well as buying cleaning supplies and vacuums for all of her maids to perform their cleaning duties, she said.
“Even without a business background, I know there must be a focus on the business aspect of what I do,” she said. “You need to focus on marketing and maintaining a professional service.”>>>


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