Cover Letter for Loan Application - Sample Template

Provided by IFC's Gender Entrepreneurship Markets Program. 

Fill out the following letter.  This will be your business plan summary.
BUSINESS Name_____________________

Lender's name, bank name, and address
Re: Loan Request for $______________ (fill in amount)

Dear (fill in lender's name)___________________________:
I am requesting a small business loan of $____________. I have experience in this industry including ......(mention experience in industry or training that would qualify you to run this business) _______________________________________________
The market for this business... (include one brief paragraph about the industry and its growth)
My target market is... (include one brief paragraph about your target market/customers)
The competition includes.... (include one brief paragraph about your competition and the unique features of your business and how you plan to attract more customers)
I am investing $___________ of my own money. My collateral consists of business assets having a fair market value of $__________________ and personal assets (if applicable) with a value of $__________________
This loan will help me meet my business targets, which are to increase sales to $_________ by the 12th month and increase profits to $___________ per month. With this loan and in conjunction with this loan, I will make a number of modifications or changes to my current business in order to reach those targets (mention increasing staff, expanding store, signing a new contract, buying more or cheaper inventory, etc.) ____________________________________________________
Attached is my business plan which backs up the loan request. If you have any questions, please contact me at __________________ (include a phone number).

_________________________ (Your signature)
_________________________ (Your printed name here)

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