Cameroon Business Climate on Scanner

By Christopher JATOR, Cameroon Tribune, 05-03-2014

The 5th annual session of the Cameroon Business Forum kicks off in Douala this Thursday March 6, 2014.

Moving Cameroon towards an emergent economy is an important preoccupation within government and private circles. Making recommendations and applying them, or fully implementing them, is in essence a critical challenge for vision 2035. Born out of this view, the Cameroon Business Forum (CBF) meets at the Douala Sawa Hotel this Thursday March 6 in view of assessing the level of application of the 49 recommendations made last year to drive the Cameroon’s economy towards emergence.

Prime Minister head of government Philemon Yang will preside over this crucial forum with participants from the public and private sectors. Main objective is to come up with a balanced sheet of implementation of the recommendations of the February 21, 2013, Forum in Douala. Particularly, participants will make an evaluation of the 49 recommendations that cuts across 13 sectors adopted at the 4th session of the forum. Also to be examined are modalities for an emergent Cameroon and define the mechanism for facilitation procedures.
Cameroonians look forward to seeing the business climate improve, especially if the Forum can inject an appropriate dynamic in the production sector and private initiative.>>>


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