Fostering Women’s Potentials: First Spouses Agree to Push Forward

The US-Africa Spouse Summit that just ended in Washington DC came up with conclusions to promote women all over the globe.
Cameroon’s First Spouse, Mrs Chantal Biya during a day-long spousal programme, which was part of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit events held at the John F. Kennedy Center down town
Washington D.C, on Wednesday August 6, 2014 completely agreed that, “Instead of being worried about her husband's political future, taking care of women is good politics."
For over eight hours, Mrs Biya together with some 30 other African First Ladies, alongside the First Lady of the United States of America (USA), Michelle Obama and the Former First Spouse of USA, Laura Bush discussed how their role as First Spouse can play a deal in addressing  the gender inequality problems women face around the globe.
During the first half of the symposium which focused on, “Education: Creating Opportunities and Investing in the Next Generation of Women Leaders,” the First Spouses noted that although research shows that giving girls a quality education has tremendous multiplying effects for families, communities, societies, and the world for all generations, in 47 out of 54 African countries, girls have less than a 50 percent chance of completing primary school because of various reasons such as child marriage, trafficking and the undue burden that HIV and other diseases place on female headed households. Through panelist discussion, the Ladies spotlighted transformative education interventions and programmes for women and girls and the benefits of education to them, their families and their nations. The women also employed public-private partnership models, cross-sector collaborations and technology to improve access to educational opportunities for girls.
In the second phase of the meeting which stressed on; “Fostering Women’s Economic Participation and Promoting Healthy Lives through Technology and Training,” panelists sort ways to effectively improve the lives of women through entrepreneurship to advance Africa’s development.>>>


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