President Biya Welcomes Four New Ambassadors

By Pius NYUYLIME, Cameroon Tribune
The diplomats from the Central African Republic, Italy, USA and Côte d'Ivoire presented their letters of accreditation last Friday, Sept. 19.
The Unity Palace last Friday, September 19, witnessed a real show of diplomatic ballet when four new Ambassadors from four friendly nations in four hours handed their letters of accreditation to the Head of State, President Paul Biya.
The stage was well set for the ceremony and things went according to plan in strict diplomatic style and solemnity.
Each of the four ceremonies took place in four segments: playing of the Cameroon National Anthem on arrival of each diplomat by the Presidential Guard band that animated the event, handing of the letter of appointment to the Head of State at the Ambassadors’ Hall, closed door audience with the President and playing of the Anthem of the Ambassador’s country on exit from the Unity Palace. In effect, all the ambassadors had already taken office in the country ahead of time. The presentation of the letters of accreditation gave them full position of their ambassadorship. To set the ball rolling was the new Ambassador of the Central African Republic, Martial Beti-Marace who handed his accreditation letter from Catherine Samba-Panza, Interim President of his country.
Beti-Marace holds a Maitrise in Public Law and a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management among other qualifications. He has held several posts of responsibilities including; Minister, Director of Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic, Interim Resident Ambassador, Minister Delegate at the Prime Minister’s Office in Charge of the Government Secretariat, and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Charge of African and Central African Integration abroad. Prior to his appointment, he was an Assistant at the Faculty of Political and Law Sciences at the University of Bangui. His country has so far awarded him four honorific distinctions including the Medal of International Mission for the surveillance of the Bangui Accords.
It was the turn of Samuela Isopi, the new Italian Ambassador to Cameroon when it clocked 12 noon, to present her own letter of accreditation. She is holder of a University Degree in Political Science. She has served in several diplomatic positions ending as first Adviser at the Italian Embassy in Russia, the position she held before her appointment in Cameroon.
The third diplomat to appear at the State House was Michael Stephen Hoza, the new Ambassador of the United States of America. He holds a University degree in Diplomacy from the University of Georgetown. He has worked in Washington Post Company, Washington DC, held several administrative and diplomatic positions in the US, in countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Somalia, Swaziland, Nepal, France, Spain, Kenya and Russia. At the time of his appointment to Cameroon, he was Adviser at the US Embassy in Russia. He speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
The series of accreditations ended with Manla Narcisse Ahounou, the new Ambassador of Côte d'Ivoire to Cameroon. Holder of a Doctorate degree in Applied Social Sciences, the new Ivorian Ambassador who speaks both French and English was Director of State Protocol of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire before his appointment to Cameroon. He has served in several capacities including services to the United Nations Organization.>>>


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