Five Lessons From Mother Nature - A Leader Must Know

By Ankur Tyagi,
Five Lessons From Mother Nature - A Leader Must KnowIf mother nature is a teacher than lessons are always new. They are innovative beyond our imaginations and well farsighted. This not a new subject at all our ancestors, animals & other species are learning from mother nature from the beginning of life. But now our species is influencing the nature and we are competing with the rule of nature,
we were successful in short run but we never able to understand all the theories & mysteries of mother nature. There is always something unexplored and after a time theories changed & modified. But above all we have a lot to learn from it, here I am writing five lessons from mother nature which a leader should know

1. Authentic Leadership - If you really want to be leader of your group rise up and take challenges but before that define your rules and ethics. Earned the respect that you want from other group members of your team/group/colleagues. You have to fight for them, you have to defeat all internal challengers before taking external challenges. This is how the leader of the kings' families(The Lions) chosen.

2. Expectations
– A leader must communicate expectations to team and individuals as well, and understand how effectively your group listens and responds to your command. You are hunter or prey, you should follow the instructions from the leader because that is life saving for your troop for both cases. If we are looking the same in business environment we can say at every level there are certain responsibilities which should be completed at their respective level other it will increase cost burden, resource utilization & wastage of time. Cattle stay in herd because their unity is their strength, they work together as a team but managed by a finest leader of their herd.

3. Face the Crisis - After an avalanche in Gangotri I was walking down the roads and a jungle ahead of me. There was five six feet of snow was there. Drooped by the weight of the snow, the trees along the side of river stood their ground. Scattered throughout the valley floor were dead branches from various trees that couldn’t withstand the weight of snow and power of storm. Yet, even some healthy trees branches broke off as the storm and snow weight proved to be too much for them. I thought how I would walk this road in the summer time and these same scattered trees that have lost branches will be blooming, recovered and resilient.

Everyone gets knocked down at some point of time in life — a branch broken or swiped away. Those moments of pain and loss create the greatest opportunities of growth.The broken branch made me think of summer.

The time in coming future when strength will be in full bloom. The next time when we encounter a hurricane in our life, whether as an individual employee, family or group, the measuring scale will be not that we survived, but how did we draw upon our recovery, resiliency and thrive.

4. Embrace the opportunity
- The recompense of patience and gratitude are most evident in those moments of extreme challenge to our mind and body. It’s in those moments when we are proffered the opportunity to easily see examples that the energy we put into this world creates our actuality. Moments of extreme harsh conditions give us an opportunity to put our focus and attention toward one thing.

After a long dry season when the weak loose the battle of lives, the strong & fittest won the battle. They get the rewards from the mother nature they not just survived but they will be thrived and will enjoy more such moments of life.

Here’s the light. You don’t always just wake up with optimism--you’re human. And positive is not synonymous with energy and power. Positive is simply residing in a free space of credit and respect. Endurance invites the chance to remember what it is that we are appreciated & respected for. The connection to modern business environment? When you have a business filled with people who take the time to be appreciative the combined energy of their optimistic thoughts create an energetically healthy and improved culture that can accomplish anything.

5 Mutualism
- It is the way two organisms of different species exist in a relationship in which each individual organism benefits from the activity of the other organism. Same type of interactions within a species or same organisms are known as co-operation. If we observe the generosity of nature through the study of great oak trees with hundred year life spans. They were able to survive harsh weather and torrential wind storms due to their network of roots intertwined together, deep in the ground. Generosity and mutualism should reign, vs. the current values of greed and competition.

That's the biggest lesson I've learned from freelancers community -- your network is everything. The most successful freelance workers are the ones who know you need work connections to turn to when you're in a dry spell, or you're overburdened with work, or you just need some critical advice.

You must have heard of DIY ("Do It Yourself"). In taday's glocal world we can say it DIO ("Do It Ourselves"). It is the change from "I" to "we." Leadership is not just about "I".


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