Cameroon Business Forum:“Know, Make Use of Opportunities”

By Christopher JATOR, Cameroon tribune
Laurent Esso, Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals.
“I expect investors participating in the forum to improve their knowledge on investment potentials in Cameroon. Participants are investors from various sectors and countries and I call on them all to make use of our opportunities. For three days they should be able to know the opportunities of investments in the country as well as exchange
contacts for future opportunities. They will formulate challenges and propose adequate solutions for the government of Cameroon.”
“Action Time is Now”
Marthe Angéline Minja, General Manager, Investment Promotion Agency.
“Cameroon has projected 5.5 per cent annual growth rate until 2020. The main objective is to present to the national and international investors the economic potentials of Cameroon, make our projects known to them, create an interactive cooperative, enable better understanding of our internal policies, boost investments. We envisage a stimulation of results and innovative solutions. Since a century ago our potentials have been made known to the world, but now is the time to take relevant actions.”
“Possible to Invest in the Hydroelectric Sector”
Fabrizio Breganni, Italian investor.
“It is just the first time for me in Cameroon. The first impression is very positive. I see a very open, positive people with a strong desire for investment. It is possible for us to invest here in the hydroelectric sector because there is available water for energy. We are interested in the development of mini hydroelectric plants and supply of energy in rural areas. Cameroon is similar to Ghana with frequent blackouts in rural areas. We have experienced Africa being in Ghana for some time now. I think integrated energy use is good for the rural areas, such communities will use energy not only for their homes but also for artisanal and industrial purposes.”
“Now is Time to Invest in Cameroon”
Marc Dauville, Belgian Investor.

“We made a study based on economics and mines, among others on Cameroon. We realized that the difference between now and many years ago is that Cameroon has evolved politically, infrastructurally, economically, and the like. So now it is really time to invest in Cameroon. As concerns the business climate, some challenges are still there but these are common everywhere in the world. It should keep improving on technology for better profitability.”


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