20 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

 What are some of the reasons to start your own business? Is starting your own business the best path forward at this point in time for you?
Here are at least twenty reasons why you should dive in and launch your own startup.

1. Make More Money
It may be one of the worst reasons to start your own business, but it can be a necessity.
Even the average tech worker in San Francisco or New York City doesn’t
have much money left over each month after taxes and rent. If you really want to get ahead financially, you really have to start your own business.

2. You Can’t Rely On A Job
There is zero job security out there today and this is one of the most important reasons to start your own business. There hasn’t been any for a long time.
If your life and financial plan is relying on a job and salary, there is a fatal flaw in it. If you want an income you can count on, and control over your finances, you’ve got to create it yourself.

3. You Can’t Rely On A Company Pension Plan
The only thing worse than thinking you can rely on a job long term is thinking you can rely on a company retirement and pension plan.
Today, it’s like one of those must-have insurances that you pay hefty premiums for all your life, but never payout when you need them. GE just gave the world a big reminder of that by freezing pension plans for at least 20,000 employees.
If you ever hope to be able to afford to retire and to survive financially in retirement, you need to start your own business and create your own retirement plan.

4. You Can Do It Better
Many successful businesses are started when entrepreneurs realize that they can just do it better than their bosses. They may even work for Google or Apple or Microsoft. Yet, even the biggest and ‘best’ companies can be horrible at executing new ideas. 
There may be more reasons for the way your old boss did things than you realize, but you won’t find that out until you dig in.
If you can do it better and can deliver more value for customers, it’s really your duty to step up and do it. 

5. Set New Standards In Business & The Market
Maybe you are tired of the status quo which could be one of the valid reasons to start your own business. You are tired of the horrific standard or lack of customer service. Ethics and morals. Efficiency. This is your chance to stand up and set a new standard and create positive peer pressure.

6. Solve A Problem
The best startups are created to solve a problem. It could be a massive global or regional problem you see others desperately struggling with. Or it could be inefficiency and a personal point of frustration you want to create a better solution for. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you.

7. Achieving Your Full Potential
There’s nothing worse than a wasted life and this is one of the most critical reasons to start your own business. Time goes by fast.
Just working to barely get by or even as a cog in a dull position that pays extremely well can be soul-draining. Don’t settle for that. Even if you don’t hit your highest goals in your lifetime, knowing you tried and gave it your all and hit your full potential will mean a life well-lived.

8. Challenge Yourself
True entrepreneurs love to be challenged and to make an impact. Life as a startup founder is going to bring fresh challenges and problems to solve. If you thrive on challenge, start your own business.

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