"Barriers to Innovation in Indian Small and Medium Enterprises": a new policy paper released by ADB

Asian Development Bank
Small and Medium Enterprises play a crucial role in economic development and are fundamental for the competitiveness of any country. The Asian Development Bank(INSME Member) has recently published a policy paper that explores the current situation in India with particular attention to innovation processes.

By analyzing innovation performances and policies focusing on Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises
“Barriers to Innovation in Indian Small and Medium Enterprises” aims at answering to some key questions:
  • What is the current state of SME innovation in India including different types of innovation activities, sources, and funding for innovation?
  • What are the key barriers that hinder SMEs in pursuing innovation and their likely impact?
  • How is the current science, technology, and innovation (STI) ecosystem and government policy placed in India to support SME innovation? Is government policy favorable or unfavorable?
  • Are there any enablers that support or help SMEs innovate?
Indentifying the main barriers met by SMEs is of huge importance to improve their innovation performances and the paper lists six different categories of barriers: people, financial, information, government policy, infrastructure and market constraints.
A series of recommendations to establish a more efficient innovation ecosystem is also included in the paper.
Discover more by reading the whole publication here.​


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