Doing Business 2016. Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency

Since 2003 the World Bank Group annually releases Doing Business, a report measuring the regulations that enhance and those that constraint business activities.
This year’s edition analyses 189 economies and measures business regulations and the protection of property rights.
Doing Business 2016 takes 11 areas of business such as starting a business, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency into account.
The report collects
data covering one year (until the 1st of June 2015) and analyses which regulation reforms have worked where and why.
Among the most important findings:
  • The report documented 231 business reforms across the 189 economies; the most common are in the area of (1) starting a business, (2) paying taxes, (3) getting electricity, (4) registering property;
  • The best 30 performers are those with good rules that allow efficient and transparent functioning of businesses and markets while protecting the public interest;
  • Europe and Central Asia have the largest share of economies that implemented at least one reform and account for 3 of the 10 top improvers;
  • Costa Rica, Uganda, Kenya, Cyprus, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Senegal and Benin are among the economies that improved the most in 2014/2015.
The report also includes seven case studies on:
  • Starting a business: Third-party involvement in company formation;
  • Dealing with construction permits: Assessing quality control and safety mechanisms;
  • Getting electricity: Measuring reliability, prices and transparency;
  • Registering property: The paths of digitization;
  • Trading across borders: A new approach to measuring trade processes;
  • Enforcing contracts: Measuring good practices in the judiciary;
  • Resolving insolvency: New funding and business survival.
The whole report is available here.
Source: INSME


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