The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

OECD_LogoThe OECD (INSME Moral Sponsor) Leed Programme, in collaboration with the European Commission’s DG on Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion recently released “The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014”, a publication providing data and policy analysis on inclusive entrepreneurship and its barriers across the European Union
and highlighting how the promotion of entrepreneurship in categories such as women, youth, seniors, unemployed and migrants might help to combat unemployment and stimulate social inclusion.
The report is the second one of a series of publication on “missing entrepreneurs” and contains a focus on two disadvantaged groups: the unemployed and ethnic minority and immigrant entrepreneurs as well as key policy recommendations, such as:
  • expand public actions to promote entrepreneurship;
  • support motivated people to start up from unemployment by offering start up finance;
  • entrepreneurship skills development;
  • offer finance and training programmes to ethnic minority entrepreneurs.
The whole report is available here.

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