Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2014

The OECD Scoreboard on "Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2014" analyses and monitors financing difficulties and trends in 31 countries along with the policies implemented to deal with these challenges. Since the Great Recession, data show a weak recovery in SMEs' and entrepreneurs' access to finance in many countries. Some of them also experienced a further deteriorating situation in 2011-2012, including emerging economies which underwent substantial business credit growth
in 2010-2011. Therefore according to the scoreboard, financing conditions for SMEs remain a pressing concern. The interest rate spread between SMEs and large firms increased in most countries and SMEs non-performing loans as well as bankruptcies continued to grew over the period. The publication underlines the important role played by public financial institutions in fostering co-participation of the private sector in the lending markets through managing guarantees and in encouraging new public-private collaboration in equity instruments.
In addition the scoreboard provides readers with a range of non-bank financing instruments available to SMEs and entrepreneurs.
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Source: INSME

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