Overview of the World Economic Forum on Latin America

From the 1st to the 3rd of April 2014, hundred leaders from different sectors gathered in Panama City for the 9th edition of The World Economic Forum on Latin America. The meeting focused on the region's efforts in maintaining its economic growth by addressing three key issues facing Latin America.

First of all Latin America must diversify proper sources of growth, therefore action is needed to implement new policies to promote specialization and innovation to unleash the power of SMEs. Secondly, notwithstanding the efforts towards poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability, much has still to be done to reduce the degree of inequality in the region. A particular focus has been put on providing high-quality social services in the field of health, education and public security. Finally, promoting institutional governance, transparency and the rule of law are essential for a healthy business environment. Deeper integration and harmonization of regional trade agreements and investment in digital and physical infrastructures, such as energy grids, logistics and transportation systems, will enhance trade and investment flows as well as supply chains, and contribute to fuel the region's competitiveness.
Find out more about the 2014 World Economic Forum on Latin America here.
Source: INSME

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