30 Ways to Present a New Idea

By Gijs van Wulfen, IM,14-11-2013

30 Ways to Present a New IdeaMost new ideas don’t lead to new successful products or services. Six out of seven new concepts never reach the market. Lack of support at top management is an important explanation. In my professional practice I made – and saw a lot of mistakes being made in the way innovators present their ideas.

As I love to make you a better innovator, I present in chapter seven of my new book ‘The Innovation Expedition’ which you can download at the top of this article, lots of ways to present a new idea.

  1. In one word.
  2. With an image.
  3. In a report.
  4. As a mood board.
  5. Do a dance.
  6. Make a drawing.
  7. Do a Prezi.
  8. Make a painting.
  9. Make an advertising bill board.
  10. Make a magazine.
  11. Make a mindmap.
  12. Draw a story-board.
  13. Make a statue.
  14. Draw a cartoon.
  15. Make a website.
  16. Write one huge post-it.
  17. Make a movie.
  18. Make an app.
  19. Sing a song.
  20. Produce an advertising commercial.
  21. Make a newspaper.
  22. Do a flash mob on it.
  23. Do a game.
  24. Write a theater play.
  25. Make it into a toy.
  26. Present it in the form of a book.
  27. Put it on a hot air balloon.
  28. Put a prototype on the shelves of a regular store.
  29. Make a mini new business case.
These are all wonderful presentation ideas. Most of them are very creative and outside the box.>>>

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